Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some cool art from the online game Dragon Eternity. Although, the dragon in the first, from the shape of his head he seems to be a relative to the Matthew Broderick "Godzilla".

Monday, April 8, 2013

Looking at the costumes on the DC characters on Injustice: Gods Among Us, I could only think if this was a tv show, it would be "Pimp my Superhero" as it takes sound basic designs and adds all sorts of flanges and extraneous details and bits of metal and chrome. Part of me wonders if it's to make the designs and redesigns in the comics of late seem like actual sound fashion statements. For a long time, the charm of the character of Harley Quinn was in the quirky, wacky costume that still hugged every curve making her look delicious. That's been traded in for costumes that show more skin, loads more buckles and in the video game, even a little tramp stamp. The game's Catwoman, after what was being done in DC, there's nothing they could really do to make her look more slutty or ridiculous in costume so they went for some kind of steam-punk look. Meanwhile, in a fight game where you're going up against people with sharp swords, laser beam vision, guns, and bombs, apparently her weapon of choice is to toss a domestic short-hair at them! . Come on, at least Ka-zar has a sabre tooth tiger to back him up in a fight.

I wonder how much of the game was designed when the failed Wonder Woman pilot was still seeming like it was possible? At the very least, they seem intent on showing that putting pants on Wonder Woman was a good thing.

Oh well, if for nothing else, it gives even more costume options for the female cosplayers to show off their talents. As well as the ability to come up with costumes that are more accurate than the comicbook movies and tv shows are able to manage and make them look decent.

Seriously, who brings a cat to a superpower fight?

Who's got the best butt?



Friday, April 5, 2013

Fatastic Future - pulp covers

 Some Fantastic covers for you to enjoy plus a little more. Gotta love that "Queen of the Panther World" illustration from the same story.

If interested in the stories from the Fantastic Adventures pulps shown here or some of the interior art, I will point you to and look under their pulp section. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zenescope's cover offerings

Comic book company Zenescope  has announced plans for digital-first releases that will be available in April, 2013. Zenescope is known for horror and fantasy comics featuring various hot pin-up gals with little on and while this foray is them moving a bit beyond that, they obviously aren't forgetting their roots as these titles from future and past show show.

Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide (Action/Horror) – Set in a modern world where monsters exist. Cover to the contrary, the series centers on monster hunter, John Paul Russ. Summer release.

SciFi & Fantasy (Mature Fantasy/Horror) – More of an anthology series of one shots of science fiction and fantasy stories. Summer release.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Age of Conan: Unchained is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on the works and worlds of Robert E. Howard. In Age of Conan, players live and fight while exploring the dark, sexy and brutal world of King Conan alongwith their friends and enemies.

Unrated, Age of Conan's Hyboria is brutal and sexy, true to the spirit of the original world of Howard's Conan. Age of Conan as seen here.

Unchained allows great level of control over the look and feel of the characters. It has 12 classes built along 4 archetypes Soldier, Priest, Mage, and Rogue; some old faces such as the required Barbarian, Assassin and Ranger along with new twists such as the Herald of Xotli, and Bear Shaman.

The world and characters are stunningly rendered with texture and depth allowing for total immersion in a lush fantasy world of exotic locales and peoples.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dejah Thoris by Cockrum

Doing some reading of Marvel's old John Carter of Mars series. There's great art by many of the old masters: Gil Kane, Ernie Colon, Walt Simonson, Carmine Infantino, some early Perez and Frank Miller even. Many inked early on by Rudy Nebres to give a bit of continuity to the art. Infantino inked by Nebres is truly gorgeous.

However, this pic by Dave Cockrum of Dejah Thoris may be about the most gorgeous pic of her in the comic.